Dave Davies goes on a time warp

A sense of one’s mortality sometimes results in a spur of creativity, and it’s surely like this with Dave Davies who, having suffered a stroke, made a recovery and feels confident enough to resist the lucrative temptation of his former band, THE KINKS, reunion. Instead, the guitarists reaps his own thing and, on October 28th, follows last year’s assertive "I Will Be Me" with another album, “Rippin’ Up Time.” 

As good a rumination on the past, present and future as it gets, the record features all classic hooks of Dave’s: sharp riffs like those on the title cut, humor shining through the annoyance of “Nosey Neighbours,” and personal, name-swinging touch as in “Johnny Adams.” Tide and time came together again, then, for Davies. Read the review here.

DAVE DAVIES - Rippin' Up Time

Rippin’ Up Time

1. Ripping Up Time
2. Semblance Of Sanity
3. King Of Karaoke
4. Front Room
5. Johnny Adams
6. Nosey Neighbours
7. Mindwash
8. Between The Towers
9. In The Old Days
10. Through My Window

October 9, 2014

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