Dave Greenslade Reveals The Scheme Of Things

Up there with the likes of Keith Emerson and Rick WakemanDave Greenslade has never strived for flash performance, yet it was the keyboard player’s grand approach that helped Jon Hiseman realize his COLOSSEUM vision and, while Dave used to share the ivories action in his own GREENSLADE, it was him who spread the elegance all over it, as well as a few solo albums and soundtracks. Film work entered the picture around the time of 1975’s "Cactus Choir" and filled the gap between 1979’s “The Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony” and “From The Discworld” from 1994, the year when COLOSSEUM made a welcome comeback. And it’s this period that Greenslade’s “Time To Make Hay – A Collection Of Original Recordings,” a demos bundle to be out on July 6th on Angel Air, spans.

Featuring Dave on all instruments – save for Dick Heckstall-Smith on sax on “Koblenz” – and vocals, these tracks were recut later on to land on Greenslade’s solo and COLOSEUM records as well as, most obviously with regards to the titles, GREENSLADE’s "Large Afternoon". So here they are, as originally devised (and here’s the review):


Time To Make Hay

1. No Room – But A View
2. Val Suite II (working title)
3. All That Glitters
4. Hallelujah Anyway
5. Koblenz (instrumental)
6. Blues In The Night
7. Time To Make Hay
8. Eco-Blue
9. Talking Point (instrumental)

May 11, 2015

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