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When we spoke with Dave Kilminster, the guitarist extraordinaire was working on a new record and gearing up for another tour with Roger Waters. More than a year later – with a covers collection laid down with singer Murray Hockridge – a follow up to "Scarlet" is set for release tomorrow. “I don’t want to give it a name yet, because I like to keep things as fresh as possible,” said Dave in that interview, but now the title’s in place: “…And The Truth Will Set You Free…” sees Kilminster in the company of bassist Phil Williams and drummer Pete Riley who he played with in THE KEITH EMERSON BAND and on “Scarlet.”
There are eight new cuts on this record of which Dave says:

DAVE KILMINSTER - ...And The Truth Will Set You Free...

…And The Truth Will Set You Free…

“On this album I decided to use a completely new guitar tuning, and so I had no idea what I was doing! All the songs were completely written ‘by ear,’ as I didn’t know what the chords were or anything! And I found it very liberating, actually… and I could hear some of my early influences coming out in the music, particularly LED ZEPPELIN and QUEEN.
I called it
‘The Truth,’ partly because the world is so full of lies now… not just in music, but everywhere. For example, you can’t even look at a picture in a magazine that hasn’t been cropped, tinted, and heavily photo-shopped, so that it’s no longer an accurate representation of reality!
Anyway, I wanted an album as real as possible, just some guys playing together in a room, and then me stacking up the vocal harmonies – without autotune! And getting a real string quartet to come in and play, rather than using ‘keyboard’ strings, which is what most people do.”

Sounds interesting as does everything Kilminster does. Here are the tracks, with a video teaser below. And here’s the review.

1. Messiah
2. Addict
3. Thieves
4. Circles
5. Save Me
6. Cassiopeia
7. The Fallen
8. Stardust

September 21, 2014

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