Dave Sinclair Raids His Archives

It’s almost impossible to imagine what Canterbury scene would look like without the imposing presence of Dave Sinclair whose stints with, above all, CARAVAN for whom the keyboard player co-penned a lot of classics, but also with MATCHING MOLE and CAMEL – where he left an indelible stamp on, respectively, eponymous debut and “Breathless” – and took part in a few more prominent collectives, such as HATFIELD AND THE NORTH. And then there’s a solo career that counts several albums of which later is scheduled to arrive on August 10th. “Hook-Line & Sinclair” comprised a dozen of fresh and previously unissued home and studio recordings, preserved for posterity from 1981 to 2019 and featuring an impressive line-up of old friends and former band members.

Of course, there’s Dave’s cousin Richard Sinclair and Pye Hastings, alongside Richard Coughlan, Doug Boyle and Jimmy Hastings, all from CARAVAN family, Sinclair’s CAMEL colleague Mel Collins gracing “Sweet Breath Of Morning” and the one and only Robert Wyatt, with whom the veteran began his career in WILDE FLOWERS, singing “Always There” backed by Derby Cathedral Choir. Given Dave’s propensity for a great tune, it’s an alluring proposition.

Hook-Line & Sinclair

1. Yuge’ve
2. Message To My Heart
3. Love Of My Life
4. Eyes On You
5. The Only Words
6. Missin’ You
7. Reason To Know
8. Always There
9. Absent Friends
10. Heart Of Gold
11. Sweet Breath Of Morning
12. Makinations

July 20, 2021

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