Daves Greenslade And Thomas Join Forces

Theirs is an unlikely collaborations, but keyboards wizard Dave Greenslade of COLOSSEUM and GREENSLADE fame and his namesake Thomas who’s known for singing with BLONDE ON BLONDE thrive on all things unlikely. So while the former was said to have retired from touring and released last solo record, an archive collection back in 2015, and the latter has been quite active in recent years, the two British veterans found enough common ground after a meeting in a Suffolk theater to want to write, if not perform in public, together. Thus, the pun-titled “G&T” album came to exist – originally scheduled to see the light of day in November 2021 and then shifted for a March 11th, 2022 issue.

Its dozen tracks, given a rhythm-and-blues slant, feature WISHBONE ASH bassist Bob Skeat, Rory Gallagher’s associate Brendan O’Neill on drums and Dana Gillespie on backing vocals, so the platter rocks rather hard and should be a pleasure to spin again and again.


1. She Wants To Talk To You
2. Sabotage
3. Freefall
4. Late Coming Love
5. Hammerblow
6. El Avenue
7. Green And Pleasant Land
8. Otis Rush’s Day
9. TLC
10. Borderline
11. Last Tango
12. One More Time

February 2, 2022

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