David Cross Fathoms Celestial Heights

It wasn’t really David Cross‘ choice to eternally dwell in the world of KING CRIMSON, yet aficionados seemed to have cornered him into this habitat. No wonder, then, that the title of the violinist’s forthcoming album has been derived from a song by the band he was once a proud member of, and that there are fresh versions of two pieces the veteran played on five decades ago.

Ice Blue, Silver Sky

Unlike David’s 2018 experiment "Crossing The Tracks" which was issued under his own name, the new platter – planned for release on November 3rd and titled “Ice Blue, Silver Sky” – is credited to DAVID CROSS BAND and, thus, is a successor to "Sign Of The Crow" from 2016, with five original cuts and a couple of revised classics that have been woven in the record’s context. Read the review.

1. Nurse Insane
2. Calamity
3. Nowhere
4. Exiles
5. Karma Gain
6. Over Your Shoulder
7. Starless

September 23, 2023

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