David Cross Gears Up For A Productive Year

David Cross"Starless Starlight", a recent collaboration between David Cross and Robert Fripp, saw the erstwhile KING CRIMSON violinist move back into the spotlight, and 2016 is the year when he’s going to build momentum and release up to four albums. “We got our wires crossed!” says David revealing two projects that are definitely in the pipeline and two yet unconfirmed.

In the latter category are the general release of live recording of last year’s STICK MEN+ concerts in Tokyo, and a quartet album that Cross and his namesake Jackson from VDGG laid down with Mick Paul and Craig Blundell and that’s nearing completion now. Yet what’s bound to be out for sure are a DAVID CROSS BAND’s new CD – in the mastering stage at the moment – and “Cold Sky Blue” which finds Cross sharing creative space with another fine artist.

David describes it as “a collection of wonderfully seductive and reflective songs born out of a collaboration with Sean Quinn of Dublin. Like so much of my music, it begins with sounds and improvisations and builds from there but this time with the added musical and sonic genius of Sean. This is a great partnership and a lovely album.” More so, the record, to be out on March 25th, features guest singers, including Beth Hirsch whose voice is familiar to the fans of AIR’s “Moon Safari.”  All in all, there are nine tracks on the record (read the review):

CROSS & QUINN - Cold Sky Blue

Cold Sky Blue

1. Skyline Vertical
2. Cold Sky Blue (feat. Beth Hirsch)
3. Counting All The Stars (feat. Brendan Staunton)
4. On Spider Hill
5. For Someone (feat. Paula Gilmer)
6. Arc En Ciel (Part One)
7. The M Chord (feat. Thomas Truax)
8. Arc En Ciel (Part Two)
9. Meaningless (feat. Brendan Staunton)

February 2, 2016

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