David Paton Issues A Memoir

Known by millions of listeners as the voice and the face behind the hit “Magic” and other hits by Scottish pop-rock ensemble PILOT, David Paton has always been more than that. A bassist par excellence, he played on Kate Bush’s “The Kick Inside” and Rick Wakeman‘s "Softsword", on CAMEL’s "Stationary Traveller" and KEATS’ only LP, on Fish’s “Internal Exile” and, of course, on every album ALAN PARSONS PROJECT released between 1976 and 1985, taking lead vocals on a couple of tracks, on the “Death Wish II” OST alongside Jimmy Page and on Elton John’s “Ice On Fire” – to name but a smattering of the records he’s on – and he toured with Rick and Elton. No wonder, then, that, save for the new music the veteran continues to put out, solo and otherwise, he has a lot of interesting stories to tell – and does so in his autibiography.

Magic –
The David Paton Story

Bearing a simple title “Magic – The David Paton Story” and scheduled to be published on November 25th, it promises to deliver a riveting reading experience.

In David’s own words, “When I discovered THE BEATLES at the age of fourteen, I had no idea that one day I’d work with Paul McCartney in Studio two at Abbey Road; or that I’d write a number one worldwide hit; or that I’d spend three years touring the world and recording as bass player with Elton John, including playing in his band at Live Aid. These achievements were well beyond my imagination – yet I did them. Making music is a joy and a privilege, but my career as a musician has made it possible for me to meet and work with some of the world-famous artists that I idolized. This book gives an insight into the life of a successful songwriter and session musician. I have a lot to say, but as well as telling my story, I also offer a valuable insight into what to do – and what not to do – should the reader be interested in pursuing a career in music.”

October 24, 2022

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