David Sancious’ Forgotten Dance Comes To Light

Even though David Sancious‘ name is usually tied with E STREET BAND, titled after the place where his mother used to dwell, it’s the American multi-instrumentalist’s work as a session player and touring musician for the likes of Jon Anderson, Jack Bruce and Peter Gabriel that allowed him to reach out to various audiences. And then, there are records issued under his own name, with and without TONE, the collective of kindred spirits: first of all 1975’s "Forest Of Feelings" and "Transformation (The Speed Of Love)" from 1976 – both brilliant albums. Only these two were followed by another one, which remained on the shelf, albeit with bootlegs abound, for almost five decades – to finally see the official release on November 17th.

With this platter’s title and artwork aligned with those of its predecessors, 1977’s “Dance Of The Age Of Enlightenment” carries on their philosophical and stylistic path but is much more ambitious as was written as a classical, if fusion-formed, ballet in four movements, with prog orchestrations created entirely by Sancious’ many-times-overdubbed Moog. But, despite the allure of David’s pieces, the album got entangled in a conflict between Epic and Arista as well as in the latter label’s desire to see more commercial product, so, after several promo copies, the source of the aforementioned non-sanctioned releases, landed in radio folks’ hands, the record got pulled and canceled altogether. But recently the veteran recovered the rights to his masterpiece and personally supervised its remastering, which made the old trilogy complete. It was worth the wait.

Dance Of The Age Of Enlightenment

1. Overture – Wake Up (To A Brand New Day Of Love)
2. 1st Movement (Dance Of Glory And Playfulness)
3. 2nd Movement (Dance Of Purification)
4. The Dawn
5. 3rd Movement:
    * Part I
    * Part II (Dance Of Unbounded Joy)
6. 4th Movement (Dance Of Serenity And Strength)
7. Finale:
    * Part I (Gone Is The Veil Of Illusion)
    * Part II (Dance Of Gratitude And Devotion)

November 6, 2023

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