David Sancious Makes Social Statement On New Record

It’s been a decade and a half since David Sancious last released a new studio album, and “Eyes Wide Open” that’s out now is more than welcome. It’s an interesting one as well, because, from "Forest Of Feelings" on, the American multi-instrumentalist’s oeuvre was always exploring romantic themes, while his fresh pieces and the record’s artwork suggest emotional investment in current state of affairs. Four songs and four instrumentals on offer were laid down with the help of such renown drummers as Vinnie Colaiuta and Will Calhoun who also had a hand in writing this material.

That’s how it all looks like – and here’s the review:

Eyes Wide Open

1. Eyes Wide Open
2. In The Middle Of The Night
3. Urban Psalm #3
4. If
5. Flip It
6. The Treehouse
7. December
8. War In Heaven

March 12, 2020

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