DEAD BHUTTOS – Democracy Is The Best Revenge

Dead Bhuttos 2017

DEAD BHUTTOS - Democracy Is The Best Revenge

Democracy Is The Best Revenge

Aggro ‘n’ roll with it: hardcore punks from Pakistan let it all hang out.

With their name an obvious allusion to Jello Biafra’s band, there’s less surprise in this trio political currency than in their place of residence. Formed in 2007 by bassist Basim Usmani – a prominent mover of the Taqwacore movement and a leader of Boston’s THE KOMINAS – to notch a single cut, it took the Lahore collective a decade to get back in action, and the action is impressive.

Three missives on their debut EP hit like missiles, “Pakistan Ka Matlab Kya?” adding sludgy riffs to its jagged edge, and the 35-second “Taqwacore Ko Miss Karao!” resolving to frenetic, splenetic sloganeering, while the title track vents declamatory anger through FX-laden sped-up blues. The result is more of a teaser for things to come, but their coming is welcome.


February 2, 2017

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