December 11, 2000


Frontiers Records and Now & Then Productions report that former JOURNEY and VINNIE VINCENT INVASION singer Robert Fleischmann has been signed with a world wide deal to the label for a brand new solo album under the supervision of THE VU executive producer Michael Robinson and with the production of guitar player Stuart Smith (HEAVEN & EARTH).

Robert confirms that Neal Schon of Journey will be involved and that his long time friends Jim Vallance and Bryan Adams have already contributed to the songwriting with a fabulous new track called “Over My Head”. Other famed guests and friends will be added and confirmed during the recording. Release is tentatively scheduled for late summer 2001.


The long-awaited re-release of the legendary BLIND FAITH album is due out soon as a 2 CD set. The original album will be included in remastered form, as will much extra material from the album sessions: an unissued electric “Can’t Find My Way Home”, two versions of “Sleeping In the Ground” (one said to be Beatlesy, the other Chicago blues style), an unheard of before “Time Wins” and a 12 minute-plus acoustic jam that is suggested ” …pointing to Low Spark-era Traffic style music”. The second disc contains early “tribal” jams (most likely Morgan Rehearsals vintage) when BF was still an unnamed threesome of Baker, Clapton, Winwood.

December 11, 2000

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