December 12, 2002


It’s been sixteen years now since Bernie Shaw joined URIAH HEEP ranks having lent his disctinctive voice before to GRAND PRIX and PRAYING MANTIS. Throughout all this time, the singer had only a couple of outside flirtations, those with his native Canadian bands. Not now though, as – while HEEP are readying themselves to be recording a new album – he enjoys a company of ex-NAZARETH Billy Rankin on guitar, John O’Leary on drums, Kenny Cobain on guitars, Steve White on bass and Alan Shipman on keyboards, and the company is collectively known as MORTICE. No word on the project’s plans at the moment – just first fruits: three songs.


Who can tell the FOCUS story better than Thijs Van Leer? Well, Jan Akkerman’s not a part of the band anymore so… So embark on a journey to the Dutch legend’s lore with Thijs as a guide. From the 1971’s rehearsals for the pivotal “Moving Waves” album to their 2002’s powerful comeback tour through the unique performances, the DVD put out by Classic Rock Productions isn’t something to be dismissed. Or missed. Or moved out of focus.

1. Focus Pocus
2. Focus III
3. House Of The King
4. Eruption
5. Focus I
6. Focus III
7. Sylvia
and more….
extra features:
Medley 1973
Hamburger Concerto


Of the multitude of albums Rick Wakeman has been feeding to the market in the recent years, the fans always stick with works that involve either rock band or orchestra (better both of them), yet here’s something different, a suite called “The Wizard And The Forest Of All Dreams” which sees the maestro team up with English Chamber Choir conducted by Guy Protheroe. No orchestra, no band – just classic piano and the voices… voices… voices…

1. The Meeting Of Minds
2. A Wish To Fly
3. Childhood Dreams
4. A Sense Of Heaven
5. A Year In A Day
6. The Gift Of Life


Meanwhile, the YES completists should start to get rid of their CD collections, as Rhino plans for 2003 include the re-releases of the band’s albums expanded with bonus tracks. And the first batch of those will have the following rarities on:


Everydays (single b-side)
Dear Father (early version #2)
Something’s Coming (single version)
Everydays (early version #1)
Dear Father (early version #1)
Something’s Coming (early version)

“Time And A Word”

Dear Father (single version)
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (original mix)
Sweet Dreams (original mix)
(these tracks first appeared on early West German pressings)
The Prophet (single version)

“The Yes Album”

Your Move (single version)
Starship Trooper: Life Seeker (single version)
Clap (studio version)


America (single version)
Roundabout (early rough mix)


Maybe, Ric Sanders‘ name isn’t as famous as the versatile violinist deserves having adorned with his playing many albums by FAIRPORT CONVENTION he’s a member of, SOFT MACHINE and THE ALBION BAND. Sometimes though, Ric gathers up an ensemble of his own, and now the RIC SANDERS GROUP has a live album out, “In Lincoln Cathedral”, the first in a series of recordings made at the famous dome. Caught on tape – well, it was done digitally, to be precise – in September 2002, the set features Rick Wakeman on a version of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing.” The second disc has binaural sound and digital total surround tracks on there and an MPEG of the band performing Miles Davis’s classic “In A Silent Way.”

Disc 1:

1. A Lifetime’s Love
2. Little Wing
3. Tune For The Land Of Snows
4. Crystal Silence
5. Life Itself
6. Threedom
7. In A Silent Way / It’s About That Time
8. Remembrance Day
9. The Rose Hip
10. Calico Skies

Disc 2:

1. Little Wing (binaural)
2. Life Itself (binaural)
3. Threedom (binaural)
4. Remembrance Day (binaural)
5. It’s About That Time (binaural)
6. DTS warning
7. Life Itself (DTS)
8. Tune For The Land Of Snows (DTS)
9. In A Silent Way / It’s About That Time (video)


Sting may come a long mile talking about tantric sex, yet Gordon Sumner’s hardly in the same madcap league with Arthur Brown whose new release is titled “Tantric Lover”. Mostly in acoustic mode, the album was recorded in 2000 but is released only now. Let’s love crazy, then.

1. Paradise
2. Tantric Lover
3. The Bridge
4. Circle-Dance
5. Swimfish
6. Voice Of Love
7. Gabriel
8. Love Is The Spirit
9. Heartaches
10. All The Bells
11. Healing
12. Welcome

December 12, 2002

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