December 20, 2007


Since his return to the active music life, Andy Fraser has been keeping himself busy. Currently working a new Frankie Miller album, ir rather applying his skills to his old friend’s unreleased recordings, Andy nevertheless, took some time to record a new song of his own, “Take Me Home For Christmas”, and to shoot a clip to it. The politically-themed slice of rock steady can be downloaded in audio and video formats from Fraser’s official site.


The rock ‘n’ roll pioneer, for many Ike Turner has been a vicious beater of the famous wife – but it was he who made Tina famous, and it was him behind the powerful 1952 cut called “Rocket 88” which might be the thing that started it all. On the rise again in the recent couple years, Ike snatched a Grammy and a Mojo award, but soon after he’s succumbed to the age, at 76, and illness and died on December 12th. Turner will hardly be sorely missed yet, without him, today’s world wouldn’t be as we know it.


In the beginning it was Doogie White, then Ian Parry who were said to be a replacement for John West in the ROYAL HUNT ranks, but it’s, in fact, the tremendous  Mark Boals who’s a new singer, the one featured on the forthcoming a new album, “Collision Course… Paradox 2”, to be out in February or March, picking up where the 1997’s “Paradox” left off. Of course, having worked with Yngwie Malmsteen, Mark’s no stranger to the Scandinavian approach to the neo-classic hard rock, yet it’s strange he veered off from both his solo career and fronting the RING OF FIRE ensemble.


Now, it seems final: THE SPENCER DAVIS GROUP are no more. More so, as it was reported before, Eddie Hardin is going to semi-retire. But this decision didn’t prevent him from getting together a new combo with his former colleague Ray Fenwick on guitar, plus such seasoned groovers as bassist Gary Twigg and lesser-known drummer Steff Porzel. There’s no name to the ensemble as of now but it’ll surely appear in time for the February work on their first album and short tour of Germany that’s schemed for March.


Heading towards their 40th anniversary tour, NAZARETH were deadly surprised to learn that the band’s former guitarist is shopping his band around as “Nazareth featuring Manny Charlton”. The real group led by two original members, Pete Agnew and Dan McCafferty, have issued the oficial statement as regards the issue where they expressed their dismay and warned the fans that the lot can’t be misled on the brink of the NAZ new album’s release and start of the anniversary trek.


“What can be said about Andres Segovia that hasn’t been said already? Let’s just say on the nylon guitar his playing informs my every note! I wrote this as a tribute to his eternal influence”, says Steve Hackett of “The Fountain Suite”, one of the three tracks the guitarist wrote for his forthcoming album simply titled “Tribute”. Bent on classical music which imformed his work as early as in 1972, when Hackett adorned GENESIS’ “Foxtrot” with a Bach-inspired acoustic masterpiece “Horizons”, Steve’s released several instrumental albums in this vein and came up with two concertos for guitar and orchestra. Now, there’s going to be a great addition to his canon.

1. Gavottes BWV 1012 (Bach)
2. Courante BWV 1009 (Bach)
3. Jesu Joy BWV 147 (Bach)
4. The Fountain Suite (Hackett)
5. The Earle Of Salisbury (Byrd)
6. La Catedral (Barrios)
7. El Noy De La Mare (traditional)
8. Cascada (Hackett)
9. Sapphires (Hackett)
10. Prelude In D, BWV 998 (Bach)
11. Prelude In C Min, BWV 999 (Bach)
12. Chaconne BWV 1004 (Bach)
13. La Maja De Goya (Granados) 

December 20, 2007

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