December 24, 2000


Robert Fripp informed that he booked time to remaster the last KING CRIMSON‘s albums, “Discipline”, “Beat”, “Three Of A Perfect Pair” & “USA” during the second week of January. For a long time there were doubt concerning the “USA” release, earlier it was reported that the whole show would be out. So now it looks like we’ll have just the original recording with quality significantly improved.


Bob Catley is currently completing another hugely successful UK tour in promotion of his "Legends" album, with venues reporting sellouts on many dates. As soon as the Christmas/New Year break is over Bob will enter the studio to mix his third solo album, “Middle Earth”, with Gary Hughes of TEN once again at the songwriting/production helm.

The songs on “Middle Earth” are based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic “Lord Of The Rings” books and amount to Bob’s most ambitious solo work to date. The titles are as follows:

1. The Wraith Of The Rings
2.(I) The Fields That I Recall
(II) Emissary
(III) The Fields That I Recall (reprise)
3. City Walls
4. Against The Wind
5.(I) Where You Lead I’ll Follow
(II) Stormcrow And Pilgrim
(III) Where You Lead I’ll Follow (reprise)
6. Return Of The Mountain King
7. The End Of Summer (Galadriel`s Theme)
8. This Gallant Band Of Manic Strangers
9. The Fellowship

“Middle Earth” is set for release in March 2001 and a full European tour is being planned to support the album throughout April and May.


The debut solo album from NIGHT RANGER singer and drummer Kelly Keagy is finally ready. “Time Passes” will include the following songs:
“Bottled Up”, “Time Passes”, “I’m Still Here”, “Soul”, “The Moon”, “Before Anybody Knows I’m Gone”, “Too Close To The Sun”, “The Journey”, “Acid Rain”, “Something’s Gotta Give”, “Too Much To Ask”, “Anything Goes”, “When There Is a Woman”, “Next To Never”, “Wrong Again”.

Release date is scheduled in early April in Europe and US and late March in Japan.


Recording for the SEVENTH KEY debut album has been completed in Mike Slamer’s own studio in LA. Right now Mike is busy mixing the 13 tracks that will end up on the record and Billy Greer is putting finishing touches on the editing of the album.

Song titles are:
“No Man’s Land”, “Forsaken”, “Broken Home”, “Everytime It Rains”, “Missy”, “The Kid Can Play”, “The Brave Are Free”, “Prisoner Of Love”, “Love is Dying”, “Find Your Way Home”, “The Storm Rages On”, “Scream Surrender” plus the last minute addition “Always Remember You Well”, written by none other than KANSAS’ Kerry Livgren.

Musicians include:
Billy Greer: bass and all lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Mike Slamer: electric and acoustic guitars
Richard Williams: electric and acoustic guitars
Steve Morse: electric guitars
Steve Walsh: keyboards
David Manion: keyboards
Igor Len: keyboards
Terry Brock: backing vocals
Kerry Livgren: keyboards and guitars
Chet Wynd : drums

Contributing on writing: Mike Slamer, Steve Walsh, Steve Morse, Phil Ehart, David Manion and, of course, Kerry Livgren.

The album is being released in Europe in early May 2001.


Having returned from the successful tour with CAMEL Guy LeBlanc, the leader of NATHAN MAHL set to release the long awaited “Heretik. Volume I: Body of Accusations” album on December 22.

Those who followed the band since its first album "Parallel Eccentricities" of 1982 will surely found a new work quite accomplished.

December 24, 2000

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