December 26, 2002


There’s no better time for a kind-hearted charity than this time of the year, and some classic rock artists immersed themselves into some good action which resulted now in an album simply called “A Classic Rock Chritmas” with all the profits to be donated to The Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Education Fund and The Port Authority World Trade Disaster Survivors Fund. Either it a hit or a perennial, each song is recorded anew – a great present, indeed.

classicxmas 1. STYX – All I Want
2. Felix Cavaliere – Christmas In Your Arms
3. REO SPEEDWAGON – I Believe in Santa Claus
4. Eddie Money & Ronnie Spector – Everybody Loves Christmas
5. John Waite – All I Want For Christmas
6. Greg Lake – I Believe in Father Christmas
7. SURVIVOR – Christmas is Here
8. Father Guido Sarducci – Santa’s Lament
(feat. Joe Walsh and Joe Vitale)
9. Keith Emerson – Silent Night
(feat, The London Community Gospel Choir)
10. Tommy Shaw / Jack Blades – 12 Days of Christmas
11. Mark Farner – Mary (The Return From Calvary)


Another sad loss, and what a loss! Joe Strummer, founder and lead singer of mighty THE CLASH died of a heart attack at his Somerset home on December, 22nd. He was only 50 years old.

Seaming rockabilly imagery with punk and social concern with a great tunefulness, the Strummer-led THE CLASH ventured far beyond your regular “no future” band and became a blueprint for many a new group, with 1979’s “London Calling” having arisen in its status to one of the most influential albums ever recorded.

THE CLASH over in 1985, Joe embarked on a mid-profile solo career and then found himself briefly fronting THE POGUES in 1991-1992 before making a much-acclaimed comeback with an ensemble of his own, THE MESCALEROS, who still were on the rise in time the Combat Rocker passed away.

May God bless his ever-shining soul.


Robin George is a well-known guitar wizard in his own right, what many don’t know though is Robin’s association with two of the greatest rock singers, one being Phil Lynott and the other David Byron. Before starting his solo career, George and former URIAH HEEP vocalist had a group together, BYRON BAND, who had the only album out, 1981’s “On The Rocks”, the last record in David’s life – he died four years later.

Now, Robin delved into his personal archives and found some precious material – demos, rehearsals, a concert recording and work tapes – that underwent remastering and are ready to be out any day soon as a double album, presumably on Zoom Club, with some of the proceeds to be given to a charity in Byron’s name.


A knight for some five years, it’s only now that Sir Paul McCartney has been granted his own coat of arms – not so impressive really, yet rather expressive in its clear reading. A Liver Bird in the crest is a reference to Paul’s homeground, four black shapes on the string instrument resemble beetles and, therefore, point to a band McCartney used to be in during the ’60s, and the motto, “Ecce Cor Meum” (“Behold My Heart” in Latin) is the title of a classical composition of Macca’s.

McCartney originally applied for the crest in 1997, but the death of his sweetheart Linda got on the way.


A man with a peculiar voice and a glorious past, Roger Chapman, former FAMILY leader, has a box set called “Family & Friends” out on January 27th. Its four CDs cover several bands Chapman fronted through the years and contains a loadful of previously unreleased material, a detailed booklet and Leicester City FC programme from 1972 which advertises FAMILY gig at Filbert Street. It makes good sense to order it the sooner, as the first 1000 sets will include an extra CD.

Disc 1:

1. Burlesque
2. My Friend The Sun
3. Procession/No Mules Fool (live) *
4. In My Own Time
5. Between Blue & Me (live) *
6. It’s Only A Movie
7.Burning Bridges
8. Spanish Tide
9. Drowned In Wine
10. Part Of The Load
11. Weavers Answer (live) *
12. Coronation
13. Suspicion
14. A Song For Me

* – previously unreleased

Disc 2:

1.Chilli Con Carne (live) *
2. Run For Cover (live) *
3. Midnight Child
4. Keep Forgettin’
5. Face Of Stone
6. Pills *
7. Moth To A Flame (live)
8. Who Pulled The Nite Down (live)
9. Talking About You (live)
10. Unknown Soldier (Can’t Get To Heaven)
11. Higher Ground
12. Didn’t I *

* – previously unreleased

Disc 3:

1. Can’t Stand It (a)
2. Downbound Train (a)
3. Mama Told Me Not To Come (a)
4. Los Dos Bailadores
5. Let Me Down
6. Ready To Roll
7. Zipah De Doo Dah (b)
8. Zipper
9. Running With The Flame
10. Slap Bang In The Middle *
11. Touch *
12. Run For Your Love
13. Son Of Red Moon
14. Just A Step Away (Let’s Go)
15. Come The Dark Night

* – previously unreleased
(a) – with THE RIFFBURGLARS / limited European release
(b) – limited European release

Disc 4:

1. Hot Night To Rhumba
2. Holding On
3. Cops In Shades
4. Love Is A Hard Thing (live) *
5. Just A Child U. N. O.
6. King Of Cats
7. Stand Up
8. El Chico *
9. Lucky Man *
10. Kiss My Soul
11. Into The Bright
12. Two Pieces Of Silver (live) *
13. Jesus & The Devil (live)
14. Goodnight Irene (live)

* – previously unreleased

Disc 5 – Bonus CD:

1. Imbecile
2. Eye To Eye (a)
3. Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed *
4. Downtown Flyers (live STREETWALKERS, 1977) *
5. Daddy Rolling Stone (live STREETWALKERS, 1977) *
6. Always Gotta Pay In The End (live SHORTLIST, 1979) *
7. Burlesque (live SHORTLIST, 1979) *
8. Prisoner (live SHORTLIST, 1981) *
9. Stone Free (live SHORTLIST, 1981) *
10. How How How (live SHORTLIST, 1984) *

* – previously unreleased
(a) – limited European release

December 26, 2002

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