December 30, 2006


James Brown


The one who seemed to be immortal has reached immortality.
Godspeed you, Godfather!


He was rocking till his last meaning. It was during THE ROLLING STONES’ concert that the Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet Ertegun, fell ill, fell down and slipped into coma which the showbiz vet has never came out of. On December 14th, Ertegun, aged 83, died.

An emigree from Turkey, Ahmet launched Atlantic in 1947 and in a couple of years brought people like Ray Charles, Big Joe Turner and Ruth Brown to his roster, thus helping rhythm-and-blues morph into rock ‘n’ roll. Then, there were Aretha and Otis, CREAM and ZEPPELIN. Then there was history that’s still very much alive – as well as the memory of a little man with big heart.

December 30, 2006

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