December 9, 2001


It was several times that there was news on upcoming Ozzy‘s Black Skies” PC game. It’s not upcoming at all, as it turned out. The game is crossed off the iROCK production list and was returned its original title, “Savage Skies”. No Ozzy, that means. Right, let the Ozzman do the rocking!


It’s all in a family, but the Bonham clan is not only drummers: the great late Bonzo’s sister, Debbie Bonham, is an artiste in her own right. Deborah’s a singer, and now she’s going to have a new collection out with some famous covers – HUMBLE PIE, FLEETWOOD MAC, MOODY BLUES – among them.“The Old Hyde” is to be released through N-M-C Music and will feature Robbie McIntosh, Mo Foster, Mick Fleetwood and nephew Jason. Also there are extensive sleeve notes by Debbie herself and a limited edition bonus CD containing additional tracks performed with Jason Bonham for an LA radio station.

The song list reads like this: Shit Happens, Anything, Go Now, Need Your Love So Bad, Black Coffee, No Angel, Devil’s In New Orleans, What We’ve Got Ain’t For Sale, Open Up Your Heart, Without You, Religion, Ten Steps Back; bonus disc: Battle Of Evermore, Superstition, Songbird.


Possibly, there will be a new album from the great late George Harrison, who had finished the recording before his untimely passing. One of the musician’s on the recording is drummer Jim Keltner, who worked previously with Harrison, Lennon and McCartney, and here are Jim’s words: “The CD is very close to finishing. There is a certain soulfulness about George’s music that doesn’t need a lot once he has put that voice on. There will be people who argue that it is underproduced and maybe there should be more on it. Knowing George, I have a feeling he would rather it be as simple and as direct as possible”. All in all, there reportedly are 25 unreleased tracks, some dating back to the ’80s, in George’s vaults. Surely there are much more, as rumours circulated about some kind of “Anthology” project to be done.

Condolences and warm words towards late ex-Beatle are endless. That’s what Ringo said: “George was a best friend of mine. I loved him very much and I will miss him greatly. Both Barbara and I send our love and light to Olivia and Dhani. We will miss George for his sense of love, his sense of music and his sense of laughter”. Both Queen Elizabeth and George W Bush said they where saddened by the death of George; Bush said he considered THE BEATLES “one of the greatest groups of any time in music”.

And now, talks abound about the musician’s dying hours and his last will. In reality, in time of his death, Harrison was surrounded by his wife Olivia and son Dhani and his Hindu mentor and friend Ravi Shankar. Also there were Hare Krishna devotees Shyamasundar Das and Mukunda Goswami. who flew in respectively from London and New Zealand to help George on his way “into reincarnation”. Harrison spent his dying moments chanting the “Hare Krishna” mantra which, in his words, helped him “see God”. He chose his favourite pictures of Krishna and Rama to be positioned around his bed surrounded with incense and candles. After Harrison’s death, in his mouth were placed sacred leaves, he was garlanded with orange-coloured flowers and sprinkled with holy water. Later his shawl-wrapped body was covered with holy oils and earth and cremated with ashes to be reportedly taken to India and scattered in the River Ganges.


“Rockers Rollin’ – Quo In Time 1972 – 2000” is the title for the STATUS QUO box set released on December 3rd and featuring all the hit singles, classic tracks, 17 previously unreleased tracks and 9 other rarities, plus a 48-page booklet with many previously unseen photos and band memorabilia.

1. Paper Plane
2. Big Fat Mama
3. Don’t Waste My Time (live 1973)
4. Caroline
5. Forty-Five Hundred Times
6. Backwater
7. Just Take Me
8. Down Down
9. Roll Over Lay Down (live 1975)
10. Roadhouse Blues (live 1975)
11. Rain
12. Mystery Song
13. All Through The Night (unreleased)
1. Little Lady (live 1976)
2. Most Of The Time (live 1976)
3. Is There A Better Way (live 1976)
4. Rockin’ All Over The World
5. Rockers Rollin’
6. Again And Again
7. Like A Good Girl
8. Another Game In Town (demo)
9. Rearrange (demo)
10.Shady Lady (demo)
11. Whatever You Want
12. Living On An Island
13. Bad Company (unreleased)
14. What You’re Proposing
15. Lies
16. Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
17. Calling The Shots
18. Jealousy
19. Hold You Back (live 1982)
20. Over The Edge (live 1982)
1. Ol’ Rag Blues (unreleased version
2. Mess Of Blues
3. The Wanderer
4. Cadillac Ranch (unreleased)
5. In The Army Now
6. Dreamin’
7. Late Last Night
8. Ain’t Complaining
9. Buring Bridges
10. The Greatest Fighter (unreleased)
11. Halloween
12. Lean Machine
13. Cream Of The Crop (live 1988)
14. Who Gets The Love (live 1988)
15. Bye Bye Johnny (live 1988)
16. Little Dreamer
17. The Power Of Rock
1. The Anniversary Waltz Part 1 & 2
2. Mysteries From The Ball
3. Dead In The Water
4. All We Really Wanna Do
5. Rock ‘Til You Drop
6. Heavy Daze (unreleased)
7. Better Times (unreleased)
8. Goin’ Nowhere
9. Back On My Feet
10. Ciao Ciao
11. Democracy
12. Fun Fun Fun
13. All Around My Hat
14. Proud Mary (live 1996)
15. Fighting With The Pack
16.When I’m Dead And Gone
17. Good Golly Miss Molly
18. Roll Over Beethoven

December 9, 2001

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