DECKCHAIR POETS: New Supergroup feat. Geoff Downes

DECKCHAIR POETS - Who Needs Pyjamas

Who Needs Pyjamas

Never the one to slow down, Geoff Downes, formed new band – all without severing his obligations with YES and ASIA – with kindred spirits Nick D’Virgilio, a drummer mostly known for his work with SPOCK’S BEARD, and singer Lynden Williams of JERUSALEM, whose only album, produced by Ian Gillan, is a cult classic. This new band is called DECKCHAIR POETS, and their debut, “Who Needs Pyjamas”, is out on Angel Air on October 7th.

Says Williams, “It was obvious from the fun nature of ‘Pyjamas’ songs that they could not be released under the JERUSALEM banner and a new name was needed. Geoff and I considered, at our time of life we should be sitting on a beach somewhere reciting amusing limericks and thus the name appeared”.

With other sonic duties fulfilled by Ashley Cutler, Ollie Hannifan, Rachel Hall and Rachael Hawnt, here’s the tracklisting for the funny album – and the review:

  1. Toilet – The Household Necessities Trilogy – Part 1
  2. Brown Trousers
  3. Washing Machine – The Household Necessities Trilogy – Part2
  4. Human Pie
  5. One Ugly Child
  6. Buddha In The Nude
  7. You’re So Square
  8. Sunshine
  9. Silver Fish
  10. Walking In A Crocodile
  11. Whipsnade Escapees
  12. Elephants, Not Ivory
  13. Crem’
  14. You’ll Never Catch This Boy
  15. Wicked Annabella
  16. Refrigerator – The Household Necessities – Part 3
  17. Sunset Strip
  18. Hobgoblins And Fiends

July 2, 2013

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