DEEP PURPLE: Another Japanese Adventure

A few days ago we reported on the forthcoming DEEP PURPLE concert album, “From The Setting Sun…”, documenting the band’s performance at Wacken festival in 2013, and now there’s a release date announced: August 28th. More so, now the ellipsis at the end of its title has been explained. It turns out, the same date will see the audio and visual issue of a companion record, laid down on April 12th, 2014 in Tokyo and titled “…To The Rising Sun.” Basically the same set, its quotient of “Now What?!” tracks is higher, yet it’s a PURPLE thing to never repeat themselves on-stage, so there’ll be a lot to enjoy.

That’s what was played on that day in Japan:

DEEP PURPLE - ...To The Rising Sun

…To The Rising Sun

1. Après Vous
2. Into The Fire
3. Hard Lovin’ Man
4. Strange Kind Of Woman
5. Vincent Price
6. Contact Lost
7. Uncommon Man
8. The Well-Dressed Guitar
9. The Mule (incl. drum solo)
10. Above And Beyond
11. Lazy
12. Hell To Pay
13. Keyboard Solo
14. Perfect Strangers
15. Space Truckin’
16. Smoke On The Water
17. Green Onions
18. Hush
19. Bass Solo
20. Black Night

June 24, 2015

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