DEEP PURPLE Tease Fans With Titles Of New Album’s Songs

“Now What?!” followed by “Infinite” followed by “Whoosh!”: looks like during the last decade it’s been all about teasers with the titles of DEEP PURPLE albums of original material, yet their forthcoming one might beat its predecessors in these stakes. Teased by complex logarithmic equations projected on walls of various European cities, the record bears a simple white cover emblazoned with “=1” – and if that wasn’t enough for the title of another Bob Ezrin-produced effort, scheduled for release on July 19th, the titles of its pieces tease the ensemble’s connoisseurs.

“Pictures Of You” echoing “Pictures Of Home” and “Lazy Sod” reflecting “Lazy” – to name but a couple of cuts on the veterans’ first-ever platter with guitarist Simon McBride whose joining in 2022 reverted their ranks to all all-British – must bring smiles to aficionados’ faces. Surely some of these numbers will be unveiled at the concerts of, again teasingly titled, “= 1 More Time” tour, yet the first single is to be launched on April 30th allowing everyone to see whether the promise of the offering embodying “the essence and attitude of their 1970s incarnation possibly more than any other album in recent memory” should prove true. As for the formats of it, there’s going to be a lot: a CD, a CD/DVD set with a documentary on the second disc, double LP of different colors, a cassette, a box set with exclusive 10″ vinyl editions with 2022 live recordings etcetera, although, of course, nothing can outshine new music.


1. Show Me
2. A Bit On The Side
3. Sharp Shooter
4. Portable Door
5. Old-Fangled Thing
6. If I Were You
7. Pictures Of You
8. I’m Saying Nothin’
9. Lazy Sod
10. Now You’re Talkin’
11. No Money To Burn
12. I’ll Catch You
13. Bleeding Obvious

April 24, 2024

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