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DeMille 2017

DeMILLE - DeMille


From Seattle to Sacramento, young auteur of androgynous stripe walks a sunlit mile.

It took this artist a great overhaul, after his 2013 debut didn’t make a splash, and Mick DeMille emerged where Forrest Heise used to be; more so, the new identity brought about a new style, as illustrated by the multi-instrumentalist’s eponymous EP. The record has a lot of charm, yet the listener should be prepared for delicious twists and turns.

Solemn in its piano uplift that’s compromised with a solid groove, “Love In Blue” is as soft as the singer’s pop visage seems to suggest, his silken voice propelling instantly memorable chorus to perfection, but this glamorous romanticism, so sweet in “Oblivion” whose orchestral swirl is stricken with subtle electronica, will suddenly crystallize into effervescent glam rock on “Beautiful And Wicked” where crunchy riff is a sublime vehicle for slyly seductive vocals. Even more relaxed in “Killing Rain” which may point to a Simon Le Bon influence, DeMille easily embraces power balladry to give it depth and sincere, rather than superficially emotional, substance, and introduce the strings-shrouded “Eternal” to tasty timelessness.

Appealing to the hilt, DeMille’s full-length album, once it appears, must be a menace to charts.


October 20, 2017

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