Dennis Rea records with Nik Turner

Dennis Rea

Dennis Rea

“Space Ritual,” a current tour that sees former HAWKWIND wind-blower Nik Turner play America, will almost certainly result not only in a series of shows but also in a joint studio effort with Dennis Rea, one of the most innovative guitarists on the Stateside scene. An expert in Chinese music, as reflected on his "Views From Chicheng Precipice" album, and collaborator of such luminaries as KING CRIMSON associates Trey Gunn and Bill Rieflin, Rea’s axe is a perfect foil for Turner’s reeds.

DME asked Dennis about the session, and that’s what the maestro has to say:

“The session came about as the result of an email friendship between Nik and Seattle drummer Jack Gold-Molina, who’d interviewed Nik for an experimental music site. The two of them did some long-distance collaboration by sending files back and forth, but Jack had hoped to collaborate with Nik in person someday, and the opportunity arrived when “Space Ritual” passed through Seattle on tour just now.

Jack drafted me and bassist Paul Kemmish for the session, which was completely improvised apart from a very loose take on a HAWKWIND tune. The music’s very abstract, closer to free jazz than space rock, but I thought there were some splendid passages. As such, there’s probably a very limited audience for it – meaning, it’s probably not for MoonJune [Records]. Jack has his own record label, Sol Disk, but it lacks adequate distribution and visibility, so I’m sure he’d be delighted if there were any outside label interest in this project; otherwise he’ll likely default to releasing it himself. But first he needs to evaluate, mix, and master the recording.

It sure was fun – never would have thought, decades ago, that I would one day collaborate with a member of HAWKWIND!”

Let’s hope, it will see the light of day any day soon.

October 23, 2013

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