DIALETO And David Cross Release A Live Document

DIALETO‘s "Bartók in Rock" was one of the highlights of 2017, the year when this Brazilian band celebrated their 20th anniversary. Besides reimagining classic pieces, the album was made remarkable by the presence of violinist David Cross, most famous for his stint with KING CRIMSON. The very same year the veteran and the group played on-stage – the Bartók material as well as Cross’ solo numbers and, of course, a few of KC gems. Recorded for posterity, their show will be released on CD on June 4th, but “DIALETO – Live With David Cross” has been available since May 2nd as a download. Should be a great performance.

With David appearing from track 5, the full set list on the disc is:

DIALETO - Live With David Cross

Live With David Cross

1. Romanian Folk Dances 3: Standing Still
2. Romanian Folk Dances 2: Peasant Costume
3. Romanian Folk Dances 4: Stick Game
4. Mikrokosmos 149: Six Dances In Bulgarian Rhythm II
5. Mikrokosmos 113: Bulgarian Rhythm I
6. Mikrokosmos 78: Five Tone Scale
7. An Evening In The Village: 10 Easy Piano Pieces No. 5
8. The Young Bride: For Children Vol. 1 No. 17
9. Exiles
10. Tonk
11. The Talking Drum
12. Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part Two
13. Starless

May 19, 2018

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