Dik Cadbury And Pete Hicks Issue An Album

Dik Cadbury and Pete HicksBassist Dik Cadbury and singer Pete Hicks had gone on different career paths in the ’70s, the former coming to prominence in bands like DECAMERON and the latter working with non-significant groups, until these paths crossed in Steve Hackett‘s ensemble. There, the two contributed to the power and charm of "Spectral Mornings" and "Defector" and it was then, during their last tour with the guitarist, in 1980, that they started writing together. Nothing came out of it, though, until fairly recently when Pete retired and Dik moved to London and the veteran resumed their joint composing. More so, they took their operation to a stage, but while Hicks took part in Cadbury’s “About Time” and “Wind Of Change” which he was glad to present last year, it’s only now, after a year of recording, that the album called simply “CH” is almost ready for the Summer release.

Dik describes it as a collection of “Americana-style numbers featuring their two distinctive voices” full of guitars. There’s also a harmonica cameo from Steve Hackett on “Just Another Honky Tonk” and another of his alumni, Nick Magnus – whose "N'Monix" from 2014, featured Pete’s vocals, too – mastering. Meanwhile, the duo perform regularly in Greenwich and are gearing up for festivals appearances, but they keep on writing, so there may be a new album from them quite soon.

June 15, 2015

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