Dik Cadbury’s forthcoming album: a whiff of the future

Dik Cadbury

Dik Cadbury

One of the most underrated British musicians, Dik Cadbury could have had a classical career as a violinist or singer but chose to rock out and rose to prominence in the prog rock circles. His bass and guitars added bright colors to such DECAMERON albums as "Mammoth Special" before Dik decamped to Steve Hackett‘s band, where his four-string gave weight to the guitarist’s heaviest records "Spectral Mornings" and "Defector". Then Cadbury worked with a variety of artists, including Mike D’Abo and June Tabor, and also became a photographer and actor, so it was only in 1999 that the veteran came up with a solo debut called, appropriately, “About Time,” which is to be followed soon by “Winds Of Change,” another collection of original material written since his first release.

Says Dik Cadbury:

“It reflects the changes in my life since that time – looking back over my life, love and loss, divorce and falling in love again; the thoughts and emotions associated with those changes. It began in John Acock’s dining room over three years ago with six drum tracks courtesy of Keith Baker of URIAH HEEP and has grown steadily on my dining room table in Bayswater, London ever since.
I’ve been fortunate in recruiting ex-DECAMERON friends Al Fenn on mandolin and Geoff March on cello and vocals, Karen Tweed on accordion, and many others on vocals plus Pete Hicks – vocals: natch! – and the amazing Steve Hackett on acoustic guitar on one song, “Thinking.” At the launch of “Genesis Revisited 2” he asked what I was up to and when I told him I was making a new album, he offered – what a lucky boy I am! Hopefully I’ll have it finished sometime in March and will have it available for download via my website. The practicalities of creating an actual CD still have to be looked into.”

February 4, 2014

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