DIO’s First Decade In A Box Set

There are completists and there are those who prefer canon. It’s for the latter category of fans that “A Decade Of Dio” will be catering to. Scheduled for a July 22nd release, this box set is comprised of Ronnie James Dio‘s band first six albums, released between 1983 and 1993 – remastered but not featuring extra material as deluxe editions of “Holy Diver,” “Last In Line,” “Sacred Heart” and “Dream Evil” did. “Lock Up The Wolves” and “Strange Highways” that round up the collection weren’t enhanced in any way until now, so the aficionados of the band’s heaviest period may rejoice.

Still, the 10-year span of the box leaves out 1986’s “Intermission” which had a studio cut on it alongside live recordings, and four post-1993 albums. If included, that would be a great addition to any collection, even without bonuses.

DIO - A Decade Of Dio

A Decade Of Dio

As it is, the box set looks like this – with Dio’s mascot Murray making a point of a budget accessibility of it all:

  • Holy Diver (1983)
  • The Last In Line (1984)
  • Sacred Heart (1985)
  • Dream Evil (1987)
  • Lock Up The Wolves (1990)
  • Strange Highways (1993)

June 1, 2016

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