Who’s DME

DME stands for Dmitry M. Epstein.

I am a Canada-based rock journalist (and an ISTQB-certified QA Analyst for that matter) who has the opportunity to be “in” the thing, working with musicians not only as a writer but also – sometimes – as a manager, co-producer and lyricist.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and opinions here, on the site, or simply send a message to dmitry@epstein.to.

And, of course, this is the place to say a loud “Thank You” to all the artistes without whom this site wouldn’t be there, who found the times for taking the interviews duties, sending their music in and, above all, making MUSIC – THANX, GUYS!


Born in Belarus in 1974, Dmitry M. Epstein is the author of thousands articles published in various papers and magazines. Among his published works are exclusive interviews with more than a hundred well-known musicians and hundreds of CD reviews, as well as book reviews. Mr. Epstein wrote liner notes for a string of CD releases for labels such as Angel Air (UK) and got quoted and mentioned in the liner notes for other releases. A regular reviewer for various record labels including Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red Group, UK), Unicorn Records (Quebec, Canada) and Salvo Music (Union Square Group, UK); Dmitry has reviewed the complete re-issue program of such artists as Procol Harum, Nazareth and The Move.

Dmitry M. Epstein obtained an MA degree in Communication He took part – as a lyrics translator (into Russian) and commentator – in the release of 8 books dedicated to The Doors, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Uriah Heep and Black Sabbath (published in Russia) and has been mentioned in the books about Colosseum and David Byron (published in the UK).


GUITARS.RU interviews DME



This section is a collection of off-site links to a littlest part of my articles published in the papers – only in Russian, sorry.


The Books

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