DOLCETTI – Arriver

Dolcetti 2016

DOLCETTI - Arriver


Between the gates of delirium and those of dawn, a time has come for Italian duo to land with a delicate bang.

It takes guts and grooves to stand out from a heavy fusion crowd today so, having debuted with “Metallo Beat” in 2011, this collective wisely decided to get rid of sharp riffs for its follow-up that might be another EP duration-wise but feels more like a full-length album. For the most part, “Arriver” thrives on transparency, although there’s a raging undercurrent to “Cellulare in bagno” where Gianni Rojatti’s electronic waves swell and become ripe for his guitar to rip the tide of Erik Tulissio’s drums to a triumphantly adventurous effect, while vocodered spoken word is pouring humor in such a heady brew, before the rhythms of “Un dito due estati” take the operation to a tribal rave and offer the listener a well-harmonized reverie.

Much livelier, “Tutto finito troia” would fit into a new-age niche if not for the thunder shattering its inherent silver lining, and the bluesy rumble behind “Idea effe” could introduce a sense of horror to the narrative if the artists didn’t realize a release from the tension ready for unfolding with another pinch of reggae, yet “Lingua verde di Prosecco” artfully stumbles into cartoonishly animated funk to pave the way towards “Corri, corri bambina” which may be an epitome of the little band’s romantic slant.

Erik and Gianni haven’t hurried their arrival, but they’re finally here – to stay.


January 28, 2017

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