Don Letts Delivers A Solo Debut

His might not be a domestic name, yet Don Letts has been a shaker and a mover on the British music scene for decades, and everyone familiar with such memorable videos as “Rock The Casbah” or “London Calling” by the veteran’s friends THE CLASH or watched “The Punk Rock Movie” should revere his oeuvre as director. Don used to be a popular DJ at “The Roxy” club, to hang out with the likes of Bob Marley and to manage THE SLITS. And, of course, Letts was involved in the creation of sounds per se.

Back in 1978, Letts put out the 4-track “Steel Leg V The Electric Dread” EP with Stratetime Keith, aka Keith Levene, Steel Leg and Jah Wobble, and formed, together with Mick Jones, BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE in 1984 with whom Don stayed until 1990 and left after four platters – he would take part in 2011 reunion – to found SCREAMING TARGET and issue with them just one record. So it’s always been collectives for this unstoppable force of nature, not solo work – until now. A few days ago Don Letts let out in the open “Outta Sync”: a titular song of his first album under his own name slated for release on April 28th, 2023. Featuring old buddies including Terry Hall from THE SPECIALS, Hollie Cook from THE SLITS as well as THE FLAMING LIPS’ Wayne Coyne, it’s a delightful slice of politically charged skank.

Outta Sync

1. Outta Sync
2. Something Coming Off (feat. Hollie Cook)
3. The Universe Knows What You’ve Done (ft. Terry Hall)
4. Crooked Face
5. Yes
6. Situationist (ft. Zoe Devlin Love)
7. The Doorman (ft. Terry Hall)
8. No Fooling Me (ft. Hollie Cook)
9. Wrong
10. Civilization (ft. Honor Letts)
11. Present Dilemmas (ft. Wayne Coyne)

December 2, 2022

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