Doogie White: Back With DEMON’S EYE

DEMON’S EYE are one of the many DEEP PURPLE tribute bands out there – possibly the best one in Germany. Not content to stay within covers framework, though, the group write their own songs, too, and they released a second album on September 18th. “Under The Neon” is a follow-up to 2010’s “The Stranger Within” and, like its predecessor, features a genuine DP-related item at the front, as the vocals on both records are handled by a former RAINBOW belter Doogie White whose omnipresence doesn’t seem to affect his performance. Here are ten hard-boiled tracks on the new disc, with the most impressive epic “Welcome To My World” fleshed out with a video.

The full breakdown looks like this:

DEMON'S EYE - Under The Neon

Under The Neon

1. Epic
2. Road To Glory
3. Closer To Heaven
4. Five Knuckle Shuffle
5. Welcome To My World
6. Finest Moment
7. Fallen Angel
8. Master Of Destiny
9. Dancing On Air
10. Blood Red Sky
11. The Messenger

September 23, 2015

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