DR CHRISPY – Transitory

Dr Chrispy 2020


Outside looking in, master of lo-fi electronica follows our transformation from dawn till dusk.

Having a PhD implies proclivity for philosophy and having to do with with space requires observational skills, which is why Chris Boshuizen is more than qualified to note how humans are being changed on their way through the day and to capture this motion. As an attempt to do so, his “Transitory” EP has the same non-static scheme in place as Dr Chrispy’s debut "VHS" – only it’s focusing on an ever-morphing psyche by offering three sonically distinct pieces, where samples, electronica and live instruments come shaken and stirred into a heady brew and given snippets of spoken word for context. The results may seem old-school yet that’s what will bring it all closer to home.

There’s dewy-eyed wonder in “Transitory Morning (Emotional Dynamics)” whose unhurried flow gets gradually brought to life once initial hibernation is fleshed out with mid-tempo beats – a unifying characteristic for the entire mini-album – and cosmic synthesizers float to the number’s tight surface; and there’s a finely tuned fatigue to “Transitory Evening (Afro Travel)” which sees Haji Mike undermine the daily routine with his dub poetry. And then there’s the funky, effervescent “Transitory Afternoon (Pioneer Material)” which has childish rapture written over its sax-smeared dance, sounding so ’70’s in its suggestive innocence that Chrispy wouldn’t be forgiven if he doesn’t think of sending the track to some nostalgia-minded movie director.

The record also features a bunch of guest remixes which somewhat disrupt Dr’s concept by adding detail to his cuts. It’s exhilarating to hear Aeronexus splice a piano on “Morning” for enhanced solemnity, the composition should feel too insistent and spaced-out to reflect the original’s temporal slant, while Psybolord’s barebone, albeit groovy, treatment robs “Afternoon” of delight, and Med Dred takes “Evening” to a party, rather than to bed. Still, as a self-contained travelogue, “Transitory” is good.


August 21, 2020

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