Dr. John’s Acoustic Concert Dusted Off For Airing

Mac Rebennack knew how to be flamboyant when he turned into Dr. John, The Night Tripper, and spread his feathers and his hoodoo around the world, with a full band to bolster such exuberance; yet the legendary artist felt as self-assured, if somewhat vulnerable, performing on his own – only he did so not too often. However, that’s how the good Doctor decided to appear before the audience when playing on his home turf, in New Orleans, as part of the local Jazz Fest in 1984 and, fortunately, this concert was recorded and will see the release on November 24th.

At the moment, “Solo Piano: Live In New Orleans 1984” is planned for issue as a limited-edition colored platter, but there’s no doubt a CD version is to arrive soon after: it’s too precious a document to restrict its circulation. On that night Mac delivered only one piece from his then-latest album “The Brightest Smile In Town” – also done in a solo piano mode – complementing “Your Average Kind Of Guy” with both his own classics like “Mama Roux” and Big Easy staples like “Tipitina” for good measure. The results seem essential.

Solo Piano:
Live In New Orleans 1984

Side A:
1. Dorothy >
    Junko Partner
2. Such A Night
3. Qualified >
    Sick And Tired >
    Good Night Irene

Side B:
1. Stack-A-Lee
2. Average Kind Of Guy
3. Tipitina
4. Mama Roux >
    Rockin’ Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu >
    Don’t Ya Just Know It

October 20, 2023

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