DRY ICE Issue Unreleased Album

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what amount of talent is involved or how solid the players’ performance are, a record may remain unheard for ages, until it finally – if ever – sees the light of day. That’s what happened with the British band called DRY ICE who had existed in various incarnations since 1965 before, five decades ago, they laid down a self-titled album which was never released only to be left on the shelf. This could be one of many similar projects if not for its masterminds: guitarist Paul Gardner, who would go on to play bass on tour for acid-folk ensemble TREES before founding heavy proggers PLUTO, and drummer Terry Sullivan, most famous as a member of RENAISSANCE’s classic line-up.

Also worth mentioning is the presence of KING CRIMSON’s Ian McDonald on “Lalia” – but music didn’t save DRY ICE, and they broke up at the end of 1969. Now, though, their only LP is finally out, with bonus tracks, and deserves a thorough investigation if not love. That’s what it looks like:

DRY ICE - Dry Ice

Dry Ice

1. Clear White Light
2. She Gave
3. Running To the Convent (single version)
4. Fake It
5. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
6. Chinese House
7. Falling Down
8. Good Friday
9. Lalia
10. Nowhere To Go
11. Untitled ’67
12. Ashes (demo)
13. Running To the Convent (demo)
14. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (alt. mix)

October 12, 2018

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