Dug Pinnick, Shawn Phillips, Jim McCarty, Armando Gallo: Cry For Help

If there’s anything great about the digital era, it’s the short-distance connection between an artist and a fan, which in most cases is good, especially when this artist needs fans support, or even help. Currently, there are four Kickstarter campaigns afoot – for various cases, both creative and not.

The latter is extremely serious. It’s hard to believe but such succesful musician as Dug Pinnick doesn’t have health insurance and has been suffering from hernia for some time now. The KING’S X maestro needs a surgery, and donations should be forwarded here.

Then, on a less painful note, Jim McCarty, a drummer for THE YARDBIRDS and RENAISSANCE, to name but two projects of this veteran, and co-writer of perennials “Shapes Of Things” and “Still I’m Sad”, seeks funding for a solo tour in June, where he’s going to sing his classic to his own guitar accompaniment. Well, it won’t be “solo” as such, as Jim takes a keyboard foil on-stage, namely John Hawken, who also played with RENAISSANCE and some more famous collectives. To those who pledge here , McCarty offers rewards, including a “Flip Side” compilation, not available elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Shawn Phillips, needs money bot for a tour but for “Perspective”, a new album featuring the still un-named stars. Read all about this on the veteran’s page or listen to what’s up from Shawn himself on YouTube.

The last, close to its goal, announcement comes from Armando Gallo, who took classic pictures of GENESIS back in the ’70s and released the band biography, “I Know What I Like”, in 1980. Now he turns that book into an interactive application with exclusive photos. Those into this kind of thing can pledge here.

April 25, 2013

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