DYNAMITE – Lock N’ Load

Denomination 2013

DYNAMITE - Lock N' Load

DYNAMITE – Lock N’ Load

Recycle-bin riffs charge the TNT drive but there’s more smoke than fire.

Painting themselves a miles further down the road from “Highway To Hell,” this Swedish quartet, for all their might and aspiration, fail to catch the AC/DC humor to distill their glam to a bone-dry thrust. Opener “Bullseye” gets it infectiously right in the SWEET way, though, with a ZEP-like wail for an additional zip. After that you’ll often find yourself trying to recall where exactly have you heard the boogie-by-numbers stomp which goes all over the tightly-woven title track and the rest of it, albeit there’s no denying the lads’ sharp delivery.

Thus, those into the Sunset Strip glitter will embrace big choruses of “Gone Wild” and “Wild Wild Woman” like an old friend, yet it takes some effort to break out of their homogeneous sway. But “Streetfighting Blues” does that nice, slowing the pace down to the pleasant sleazy crawl which packs more punch than the preceding squeal, while “Dynamite” speeds it in a such catchy manner that all the notions of self-aggrandizing are blown out of the water with a hot rock ‘n’ roll. A little more originality would be the best fuel to render this foursome really explosive.


November 23, 2013

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