Dzal Martin Delivers A Long-Overdue Solo Debut

Dzal Martin is a secret weapon of British rock, and not for nothing Eric Clapton immortalized the fellow guitarist in “Peaches And Diesel” on his classic record. Now, the time has finally come for the session master to come to the fore and deliver a Martin album. Titled “Drawing Horses” and available via Dzal’s Bandcamp page, this collection of songs written at various times is a celebration of life for the artist who had a serious health scare last year, although “Scared” isn’t about that; it’s a romantic, Americana-tinctured work where a couple of the veteran’s friends makes a cameo: Terry Reid singing on “I Don’t Need You” and John Fiddler – who the guitarist shared an LP space with on BOX OF FROGS’ self-titled debut and "Strange Land" – blowing harmonica on “I Can Wait” which can be a motto of the entire album.

DZAL MARTIN - Drawing Horses

Drawing Horses

Altogether, there are 11 cuts that run like this:

1. The One Who Got Away
2. Northern Girl
3. Scared
4. Drive
5. I Don’t Need You
6. Heaven Help
7. House For Sale
8. I Can Wait
9. Somebody Left Me
10. Operator
11. Bob And Paula

March 25, 2017

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