Early RENAISSANCE Live Material To Be Out As A Box Set

Although it was what’s considered to be the classic line-up of RENAISSANCE that found fame, if not fortune, with albums like "A Song For All Seasons" in the ’70s, the original band, formed in 1969 by ex-YARDBIRDS Keith Relf and Jim McCarty, always fascinated the listeners. The two platters they released – the ensemble’s self-titled debut and "Illusion" – have never been enough to satisfy this fascination and the interest in the band; nor has an occasional attempt to issue their concert tapes. But the box set titled “Live Fillmore West And Other Adventures” and slated to see the light of day in September should remedy the situation in terms of on-stage recordings.

The collection, which includes no less than four CDs and a DVD, is supposed to include everything that’s available from the collective’s early incarnation, live-wise, plus demos as bonus tracks, but, apparently for copyright reasons, it misses out on Fillmore footage from 1970. Not comprehensive, it feels alluring anyway – just watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Live Fillmore West And Other Adventures

CD 1 – Live at Fillmore West, March 1970
1. Kings And Queens
2. Innocence
3. Wanderer
4. No Name Raga
5. After The War
6. Island
7. Bullet
8. The Tao Of Myself

CD 2 – Live in Europe 1969-70
Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, May 30th, 1969:
1. Announcement
2. Kings And Queens
3. Bullet
4. Interview
Circus, Stockholm, September 14th, 1969 (radio broadcast):
5. Kings And Queens
Casino de Montreux/Rose d’Or Festival, April 26th, 1970:
6. Kings And Queens
7. Island
8. No Name Raga
9. Bullet

CD 3 – Live in Cincinnati & at Beat-Club, Germany
Live in Cincinnati, February 25th, 1970:
1. Kings And Queens
2. Wanderer
3. Announcement
4. No Name Raga
5. After The War
6. Announcement
7. Island
8. Bullet
Beat-Club 1970:
9. Island
10. Kings And Queens
Live at the Revolution Club, London, 1969:
11. Island

CD 4 – Live at the BBC & bonus tracks
BBC Top Of The Pops, October 29th, 1969:
1. Introduction: Brian Matthew
2. Bullet
BBC Radio 1 In Concert, April 5th, 1970:
3. Kings And Queens
4. Introduction: John Peel
5. Face Of Yesterday
6. Introduction: John Peel
7. Island
8. Introduction: John Peel
9. Innocence
Rarities & Demos:
10. Carpet Of The Sun (original Jane Relf version)
11. Together Now (symphonic version)
12. Prayer For Light (from “Schizom” soundtrack)
13. Every Road I Walk (Jane Relf demo)
14. Please Be Home (Jane Relf demo)
15. Walking Away (Jim McCarty demo)
16. Statues (ensemble demo)
17. I’d Love To Love You (Jane and Keith Relf  demo)
18. Line Of Least Resistance (Jane and Keith Relf  demo)

1969 BBC Documentary
• Island (live at the Revolution Club, London)
Live at Opération 666, Paris, January 1970:
• Island
Live at Beat-Club 1970:
• Island
• Kings And Queens

September 1, 2022

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