Edgar Froese, farewell

Edgar FroeseNow one can wonder if Edgar Froese felt the end was nigh when, last year, he decided to put a brake on TANGERINE DREAM’s concert action, but no, the veteran musician couldn’t know that, and his passing on January 20th was totally unexpected and shocking to many a fan of the electronic pioneer. Always a visionary, Froese saw art as an extension of one’s personality, and that’s how Edgar finished our interview:

“The essence of what I have learned about writing and performing music is the authenticity you are faced with in your day-to-day work. No matter what other people or even critics will say, you have to follow your own direction which not necessarily has to be a straight line to success; sometimes it will be a curly, dramatic curve you have to go, but that’s the only way to leave a little landmark of brave respect to others and to the dimensions of your own capability.”

There’s a lot to tell about the artist’s political position and literary disposition, but it’s best now to listen to to Edgar Froese’s music, the whole lot of it. Goodbye, meister.

January 23, 2015

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