EDU IMBERNON feat. Nico Casal – Chapter One

Fayer 2018

EDU IMBERNON feat. Nico Casal - Chapter One

feat. Nico Casal –
Chapter One

Art of noise as a soundtrack to cinematic flight toward the great unknown – and, in a time warp, close to home.

Having risen to prominence with his memorable remixes, Valencian DJ Edu Imbernon refuses to stand still and play around only with other people’s creations – but other people make the artist’s weave of original threads even more exciting. This time the producer’s sparring partner is film composer Nico Casal whose orchestral touches bring Imberton’s ambient tracks to life, and together the two auteurs came up with two numbers that are impressive and riveting in equal measure.

“Chapter One” may unfold into unsophisticated, if urgency-conveying, beats but the grooves get enriched with electronic detail as the piece progresses, and its many textures are being shed like snake skin to reveal previously concealed layer of hypnotic patterns. Laid out in dynamically shifting piano ripples, the melody would almost dissolve in silence only to return as a solemn organ wave and introduce new-age sensibility to the drift before opening for spiritual dance. Subtler still, “Levitate” has airiness about it, in an “Oxygene” kind of way, the cut’s tentative tune anchored with chthonic bass, yet engaging the listener’s ear in ignoring the epic scope which, again, abates a few times and picks up the volume for another bound of atmospheric wonder.

If the EP’s title suggests it’s just the beginning, second installment of Edu’s series should be as arresting.


July 30, 2018

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