EGONAUT – The Omega

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EGONAUT - The Omega

The Omega

Dancing towards death, Swedish troupe expand their ranks and embrace a different depth.

This ensemble seem to like extremities – at least concept, if not stylistic ones – and where "Mount Egonaut" measured the limit of the group’s upward aspirations, “The Omega” fathoms a finale at the other end of the vertical. Not a quartet anymore, thanks to the arrival of standalone singer Emil Kyrk, the Swedes added a heavier edge to classic hard rock of their previous three records and mine metal now: the move obvious from “Initiums” whose plaintive intro and relentless riffs let aggressive growl in before tuneful snippets of clear voice seep in to elevate choruses and eventually reveal the band’s mighty weapon, Dennis Zielinski’s Hammond.

It’s even more crucial to their music in current circumstances, setting the likes of “Awakenings” with its sweet six-string squeal” and The Pledge” – speedy yet groovy and proggy, given Fredrik Jordanius’ guitar rage – against the rather standard, although contagious, clang behind “Alienati” and “Death Sworn” that boast light sections to welcome wider audience to the collective’s feast, while fleshing out “Offerings” which would, otherwise, sound ungrounded. Still, stricken with cello and acoustic strum, “Totentanz” finds the ensemble amid epic fairground, and the impressive vocals in “Revelations” take the drama to tragic heights whence there’s nowhere to go but down, as The Omega has brought home a genuine catharsis.

Unbalanced, if strong, this album may open a new chapter in the group’s saga.


March 17, 2018

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