ELO’s Mike de Albuquerque To Reissue His Solo Debut

He may have been ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA’s bassist only for a few years, in the early ’70s, but Michael de Albuquerque‘s contribution to such seminal pieces as their covers of “Roll Over Beethoven” and “In The Hall Of The Mountain King” and originals like “Showdown” and “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” cannot be underestimated. Mike also released several albums under his own name – or, to be precise, there was one platter with Frank Ricotti, one credited to Michael de Albuquerque, and one to Albuquerque – of which the second reflected the player’s riotous cynicism. Bearing the title of “We May Be Cattle But We’ve All Got Names” and featuring quite a few famous performers, it will finally see a slightly expanded reappearance on May 31st.

We May Be Cattle But We’ve All Got Names

“Slightly expanded” means there’s a piece appended to the disc which wasn’t previously part of the platter, yet it’s Mike’s opulent tunes and delivery, as well as the presence of Ollie Halsall on vocals and guitar, B.J. Cole on stringed instruments, Alan Skidmore and Henry Lowther on brass, and Brian Bennett and Gerry Conway on drums, that makes this record as alluring. Amazingly, the album has never been reissued, and should have found its way to new audiences much earlier, so once the situation is remedied with a remastered version given proper liner notes with the veteran’s own input some revelations are guaranteed. Read the review.

1. Dribble Dribble
2. Oh Woman
3. Occasion
4. We May Be Cattle But We’ve All Got Names
5. Do Right
6. My Darling Girl
7. Sweet Mirth
8. Catharsis
9. Lonely

March 14, 2024

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