Elton John’s “Madman” Gets An Anniversary Expansion

Except for the celebratory release of “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” a few years ago, Elton John didn’t really engage in the anniversary editions of his classic oeuvre – until now, or, to be more precise, until June 10th, when “Madman Across The Water” will see the deluxe reissue, expanded to three CDs and a Blu-ray. The 1971 classic that captured the English artist emerge from the Leon Russell shadow of “Tumbleweed Connection” and show the class of his own on the likes of “Levon” and “Tiny Dancer” – not to mention the magnificent album closer “Goodbye” – is presented in the box set in a stereo version remastered by Bob Ludwig in 2016 and in Greg Penny’s 5.1 mix from 2004, but the aficionados should be focused on the plethora of extra material, including piano demos and live recordings, among them the footage from two British TV programmes.

As for the printed material, fans will delight in perusing a 104-page hard-cover book with photos, notes and interviews, and admiring a reproduction of 1971 poster and archival memorabilia and artwork.

There will also be a regular, 2-disc reissue of the album, with only first two CDs from the box set, which is detailed below, a 4LP one, and a single LP on colored vinyl.

CD 1:
2016 Bob Ludwig Remaster:
1. Tiny Dancer
2. Levon
3. Razor Face
4. Madman Across The Water
5. Indian Sunset
6. Holiday Inn
7. Rotten Peaches
8. All The Nasties
9. Goodbye
10. Indian Sunset (live radio broadcast)
11. Madman Across The Water (original version feat. Mick Ronson)
12. Rock Me When He’s Gone
13. Levon (mono single version)
14. Razor Face (extended version)

Madman Across The Water –
Deluxe Edition

CD 2 – Piano Demos:
1. Madman Across The Water (1970)
2. Tiny Dancer
3. Levon
4. Razor Face
5. Madman Across The Water (1971)
6. Indian Sunset
7. Holiday Inn
8. Rotten Peaches
9. All The Nasties
10. Goodbye
11. Rock Me When He’s Gone
12. Rock Me When He’s Gone (full version)

Madman Across The Water –
Deluxe Edition

CD 3 – BBC Sounds For Saturday, 1971:
1. Tiny Dancer
2. Rotten Peaches
3. Razor Face
4. Holiday Inn
5. Indian Sunset
6. Levon
7. Madman Across The Water
8. Goodbye

* Greg Penny 5.1 mix of “Madman Across The Water”
* Sounds For Saturday (1972)
* Old Grey Whistle Test (1971)

April 21, 2022

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