THE EMPTY HEARTS: a new wave new supergroup

Upper echelon creative collaborations appearing every other day haven’t seen so much of new wave artists’ involvement – perhaps, because of their music’s insular nature. Yet THE EMPTY HEARTS are exactly that, as the band’s name suggests, even though it was thought up by Little Steven for a non-existent collective. In the flesh now, the ensemble line-up is comprised of BLONDIE’s drummer Clem Burke, THE CARS’ guitarist Elliot Easton, THE CHESTERFIELD KINGS’ bassist Andy Babiuk, and THE ROMANTICS’ vocalist Wally Palmar. All of them have always had a retro streak which is a thread to hang their self-titled debut on.

Out on August 5th, “Empty Hearts” contains a dozen of freshly minted tracks with a defiance hidden in each one and featuring the organ of THE (SMALL) FACES’ Ian McLagan. Whether it’s a one-album thing remains open but it’s good to have it while it lasts.

EMPTY HEARTS - Empty Hearts

Empty Hearts

  1. 90 Miles An Hour Down A Dead End Street
  2. I Don’t Want Your Love (If You Don’t Want Me)
  3. (I See) No Way Out
  4. Fill An Empty Heart
  5. Soul Deep
  6. Loud And Clear
  7. Perfect World
  8. I Found You Again
  9.  Just A Little Too Hard
  10.  Drop Me Off At Home
  11.  Jealousy
  12.  Meet Me ‘Round The Corner

May 9, 2014

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