Eric Bell: Ready For A Ride

Whether it’s sense of mortality or burst of creativity, but urgency seems to have set in Eric Bell‘s work. There was a lengthy hiatus in the guitarist’s discography before he’d exited the studio in 2016 with "Exile" – but it didn’t take the 70-year-old too long to deliver its follow-up. Scheduled for release on December 1st, “Standing At A Bus Stop” is a modern blues record, and if some shades of THIN LIZZY are present on the album, they add poetry to the veteran’s songs which are augmented by his reading of a couple classics from the catalogues of Howlin’ Wolf and Elvis Presley.

All in all, there are twelve tracks on the album:

ERIC BELL - Standing At A Bus Stop

Standing At A Bus Stop

1. Back Door Man
2. Changing Room
3. In Memory Of Django
4. Frustration
5. Golden Days
6. Mystery Train
7. One Day Too Early
8. Pavements Paved With Gold
9. Reality
10. Standing At A Bus Stop
11. Walking In The Park
12. Golden Days

October 28, 2017

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