EVERPRESENT – Soloelektronika

TableTop 2016

EVERPRESENT - Soloelektronika


Voice off, synthetic wave maven concentrates on the vibe.

For Matthew Cahoon vocals have always been an integral, if not prevalent, part of performance but, perhaps, it limited his music in approximation to a song format. 2015’s "Omega Point" was a fine example of that approach, but the title of “Soloelektronika” is also this album’s characteristic. Loneliness doesn’t belong here, although the grooves behind “Gateway” arrive at a subconscious alienation before warming up without getting fleshed out, while glacial textures of tracks such as “NorthStar” make the EP’s world quite a predatory place.

The booming space of “Passion Dance” may fill rather unhurriedly, yet there’s understated action between its beats which house a glorious elation, whereas water splashes carry “Purge” towards prog perspective and tribal buzz, and “Vision” intensifies the flow’s emotional amplitude by contrasting heavy rhythm with a delicate tune that’s served in snippets. Yet “Shockra” is the most ambitious piece on offer, bouncing off Jarre/Oldfield references into a niche of Cahoon’s own making: both ambitious and comfortable. Whether it’s a new direction for the auteur remains to be seen.


February 3, 2017

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