Ex-Alice Cooper bassist Erik Scott goes to his roots

The music Alice Cooper’s associates play isn’t at the least associated with world music. But then, “Special Forces” and “Zipper Catches Skin” aren’t your regular Coop albums in terms of style, and it was on these that Erik Scott appeared as bassist and co-writer thanks to his previous work with FLO & EDDIE, Alice’s friends via Frank Zappa. From there, Scott migrated to stints with other luminaries, some as unlikely as Pop Staples and Kim Carnes, and wrote songs for the likes of Ted Nugent and TRIUMPH, before forming SIGNAL and SONIC DADA and, in 2009, going solo with “Other Planets,” the record he followed with “And The Earth Bleeds” on May 8th.

On this new record the veteran continues to explore the world music, most prominently the Scottish, as Eric’s surname suggests, motifs. But there’s more to it, of course, what with the album’s ecology theme and beyond that.

ERIK SCOTT - And The Earth Bleeds

And The Earth Bleeds

1. Gypsy Mother And The Royal Bastard
2. Free
3. And The Earth Bleeds
4. Weightless
5. Loco Amour (I Could Be Crazy)
6. The Battle For Neverland
7. Let’s Do Something Cool
8. Run
9. The White Mouse

May 10, 2014

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