Ex-GENESIS Guitarists Reveal The Splendor Of Their Box Sets

Steve Hackett / Anthony PhillipsAs we mentioned previously, October will see the release of a mammoth box set from Steve Hackett, called “Premonitions” and containing 14 discs, CD and DVD. Yet even before that, as we wrote, too, his predecessor in GENESIS, Anthony Phillips, is to issue "Private Parts And Pieces I-IV" which includes 5 CDs documenting and updating the guitarist’s most famous collection. With riches abound, both masters unveiled their forthcoming packages – no doubt, to increase tension.

So click and marvel at it all.

STEVE HACKETT - Premonitions

STEVE HACKETT – Premonitions

ANTHONY PHILLIPS - Private Parts And Pieces I-IV

ANTHONY PHILLIPS – Private Parts And Pieces I-IV

And sure the music is as gorgeous.

August 31, 2015

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