Ex-Moody Blues Guest with THE PINDER BROTHERS

American duo THE PINDER BROTHERS are one of those bands who excel in beautiful melodies and vocal harmonies – an inherent thing, given that Michael Lee and Matthew are siblings. Now, they have their third album, “Melancholy Sea,” out, which follows up 2008’s “Ordinary Man” adding a more mature touch to the brothers’ canon. This canon, of course, is a spin-off of THE MOODY BLUES one, as the artists are the sons of Mike Pinder. They played on their father’s "Among The Stars" and the veteran is on their new record, too, on “Summer Moon” – together with his old colleague Ray Thomas.

This is, in fact, the second meeting of former Moodies in 2015, the first one being Thomas and Pinder’s participation in John Lodge’s forthcoming album. All in all, the songs on “Melancholy Sea” are (and here’s the review):


Melancholy Sea

1. Same Mistake
2. Pale December
3. Talk To You
4. Trust Being You
5. Last Days Of Summer
6. Driving You Home
7. Crash Down
8. Pictures Of Rachel
9. Here We Go
10. Overboard
11. Summer Moon

April 11, 2015

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