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In for the thrill: Italian melodic unit return in search of earthly paradise.

It’s been six years since this Fabrizio Ugolini and Massimo Bozzi delivered their debut and though, on the face of it, there weren’t a lot of change in the duo’s world, “2” is quite different to its predecessor. For all the sunlight shining from these songs and memorable refrains, a piece called “Two” is full of regret but, running through various stages of a relationship, the guitar-playing singers measure time in mostly upbeat tunes.

From the infectiously sweet, if spiked by a sharp riff, “Unconditional” onwards, the record has a groovy drive to it, “Down To You” gravitating to high ground of heaven on earth, while a slider-caressed boogie unexpectedly appears as a vehicle for “Heaven On Earth” – yes, there’s a concept to the songs – and “Starting Up A Fire” to add much gusto and swagger to the mood. So “It’s Not The End” may mention paradise once more, yet the voices on this acoustic-tinctured ballad only outline the mundane, as opposed to celestial, nature of it all. That’s why the songs are easy to relate to; that’s why the album feels so good.


September 12, 2016

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